New Students

Hello and welcome to Yoga On 3rd…well at least the website.  We are so pleased to meet you.  There are lots of questions about yoga that need more than a website or a few encouraging words to inspire you in taking the leap into this life changing and life long practice.  I’ll just give some answers to the most common questions for this studio specifically…

1. What should I wear?

Anything comfortable that you are willing to sweat in. Sports bras for the ladies and check your bottom in the mirror before you leave the house.  Some pants are see through and we want to be comfortable with ourselves while not exposing ourselves.  Socks are not a great thing to wear because we have wooden floors and they can be slippery if you step off your mat.  You are welcome to wear them, but I advise against them. Some students have found yoga socks or “paws” to be helpful and they have non-slip grippers.

2. What class should I attend first?

All students are welcome to all classes!  The true answer lies within.  All classes take on a natural progression and you find your own depth in each posture as all students have different abilities and strengths. The order of difficulty is listed below from most gentle to fastest.

1. Restorative  2. Slow Flow  3. Basics 4. Vinyasa 5. Energy Flow 6. Hip Hop Flow

3. Where should I park?

There is one available parking spot marked A to the right of the studio.  There is street parking which is not normally difficult to find.  Read the signs as some parking is metered or are for two hours (not applicable after 6 pm, Sundays, and holidays)  Bike racks are available outside but you can park your precious friend inside until we have too many.

4. What should I bring?

Your smiling happy face. A mat if you have one (1/4 inch thick), but we have some to borrow if you need to.  Water (we have some for sale, too).  Maybe a hand towel to wipe your brow.

If you’d like, print and fill out this release form ahead of time and bring it with you too:

Yoga on 3rd New Student Release Form