Classes and Aerial Yoga

Slow Flow

Postures taken at a slower pace

Yoga Basics

Posture basics explored, boundaries broken.

This course offers new students, and experienced ones alike to a class filled with postures as a base of all our classes offered.  Whether your goal is to build up your posture knowledge, alignment, or eventually flow on your own. This class focuses on a safe introduction to some of the core poses you’ll find.


Guided, repetitive posture routine.

Energy Flow/Hip Hop Flow

Vinyasa type, encouraged to FLOW on your own

After you’re comfortable with the introduction to yoga you can move into a stronger class. This course is designed to help you develop more strength, poses, and flexibility. This class is an upbeat, quick tempo class.  Get out of your head and get your body moving!


slow class of long postures, all levels

This class is great for all skill levels.  A slow moving class that is all done on the floor.  Stretching beyond muscles and stimulating the connective tissue beneath.  This class focuses on breath and patience as well as relaxation and meditation.


No boundaries, different styles, one class.

Aerial Yoga

Registering for Aerial Yoga

Because there are a limited number of spaces for aerial yoga, we recommend registering online prior to class to ensure admission.  Click on the link below to complete your registration.

Mind Body Online

What to Wear to Aerial Yoga

Please wear snug leggings (cover the knees) and a form fitting t-shirt (no tank tops).

Aerial classes are performed barefooted – no shoes please.

Please remove all jewelry prior to class (rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, nail jewelry, etc.

Cancellation Policy

We understand emergencies or unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending classes every so often, so please be sure to cancel on Mind Body Online.

The cancellation window is 4 hours prior to class start time. You must cancel your class reservation online or you will be considered a “No Show” and you will lose your class credit. You may cancel out of class online without penalty if you are outside of the 4 hour window.

Class Cancellations by the Studio

The studio does on occasion, need to cancel classes for various reasons such as instructor absence/sickness or last minute emergencies.  We will do our best to cancel any class at least 3 hours ahead of class start time. The ONLY way you will be notified is by email (so please opt in for email notifications!). If we cancel a class less than 3 hours from class start time, we will also text/call if your phone number is in your profile.

Class Waiting Lists

When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the waiting list. People frequently cancel enrollment from classes early, making room for those on the waiting list. When signing up for the wait list, please check your email up to one hour prior to class start time.

Remember – If you are added into class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as any other class you sign up for.