Aerial Yoga

Registering for Aerial Yoga

Because there are a limited number of spaces for aerial yoga, we recommend registering online prior to class to ensure admission.  Click on the link below to complete your registration.

Mind Body Online

What to Wear to Aerial Yoga

Please wear snug leggings (cover the knees) and a form fitting t-shirt (no tank tops).

Aerial classes are performed barefooted – no shoes please.

Please remove all jewelry prior to class (rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, nail jewelry, etc.

Cancellation Policy

***There must be at minimum 3 students signed in and paid online 24hrs in advance to ensure the class will take place.  Although not all classes with fewer attendies will be canceled we do want it to be known it is a possibility.  You will receive an email/text/both if this is the case.  So we encourage you to make a plan to be there with a 24 hr cancelation policy and we fall under the same time respect to ensure enough time for scheduling life.  As we start to offer new classes we will be using attendance as a tool to see if those times are succesful and remain on the schedule.

***The cancellation window is 24 hours prior to class start time. You must cancel your class reservation online or you will be considered a “No Show” and you will lose your class credit. You may cancel out of class online without penalty if you are outside of the 24 hour window.  We understand emergencies or unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending classes every so often, so please be sure to cancel on Mind Body Online 24hrs in advance to not be charged for the class.

Class Cancellations by the Studio

The studio does on occasion, need to cancel classes for various reasons such as instructor absence/sickness or last minute emergencies.  We will do our best to cancel any class at least 24 hours ahead of class start time. The ONLY way you will be notified is by email (so please opt in for email notifications!). If we cancel a class less than 3 hours from class start time, we will  text/call/email if your phone number is in your profile.

Class Waiting Lists

When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the waiting list. People rarely cancel enrollment from classes early, but when they do it makes room for those on the waiting list. When signing up for the wait list, please check your email up to one hour prior to class start time.

Remember – If you are added into class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as if  you signed in for the class regularly. (please check the policy above)

Walk ins

***walk ins are welcome but require more time to set up for unexpected guests. Please be on time/early and know there may not always be availability. Must allow time for filling out release form completely and payment made before start time no exceptions.

***Yoga On 3rd reserves the right to refuse service of this class to anyone who seems empared by drugs or alchohol as the nature of the class requires fine tune listening and accute motor skills.  If these seem impared we will ask you to not participate that day.  Please leave the partying till after class to enjoy the experiance fully.