Experience Yoga on 3rd!

dieties-on-deckYour yoga experience is everything, and at Long Beach’s Yoga on 3rd your experience is completely original to your needs and wants.

Our philosophy is to give you the all the benefits of yoga, including mind, body, and spirit. We strive to give you the same kindness, cleanliness and learning experience we ourselves seek .

Come in for a visit.  You’ll see what a blooming community looks and feels like.

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Learn about our class offerings, including …

Yoga Basics

This course offers new students, and experienced ones alike to a class filled with postures as a base of all our classes offered.  Whether your goal is to build up your posture knowledge, alignment, or eventually flow on your own. This class focuses on a safe introduction to some of the core poses you’ll find.

Energy Flow

After you’re comfortable with the introduction to yoga you can move into a stronger class. This course is designed to help you develop more strength, poses, and flexibility. This class is an upbeat, quick tempo class.  Get out of your head and get your body moving!

Restorative Yoga

This class is great for all skill levels.  A slow moving class that is all done on the floor.  Stretching beyond muscles and stimulating the connective tissue beneath.  This class focuses on breath and patience as well as relaxation and meditation.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga suspended from an Aerial hammocks to decompress the spine.